NYC on a Campers Budget

7 nights in NYC for 100$ (Transit and Accommodation)

Are you willing to camp? For a city visit such as New York City, where everyone wants to look fresh and their best, a Campground is probably not the first thing you will take into consideration for exploring the city. Well, we did take it into consideration, hungry to finally put up our tent, after cold nights in the car in Canada. It wasn’t our first pick, but after contacting up to 20 couchsurfers without and positive reply, we weren’t really eager to check out the 200.000plus more available couches and thought about camping.

Andrew found a campground called ‘Getaway’ and even though it didn’t sound super good online, the location seemed fun to us so we went all-in. To our good! Seriously, a thing proven already, do not make desicions based on reviews. Especially negative reviews. I refuse to read negative reviews because I think people that write them most of the time are the problem themselves.

Anyhow, this campground was fantastic. It is an old airport (as a matter of fact, the oldest and first Airport of NYC, therefore loaded with history available at the museum that belongs to the park) that has been transformed into a beautiful area for fishing, camping, running, with a lot of trees and right at the water, even a small beach is available. The amenities are luxurious, warm showers and super clean washrooms open from morning to afternoon, for the night you will have to use dry toilets, nature, and tabs for brushing your teeth and washing your hands just outside by the old runway.

The campsite with all of its amenities is operating from May 3rd until November 3rd.

I don’t know if our price was off season, early May, but it was only 20$ per campsite! Split by 2, or if you have a bigger tent…3, 4 people. That is like a giveaway!

Every spot has its own bbq and picnic tables. The runway is super fun to play on, go running, just be aware of cars that like to speed on there for obvious reasons ;).

Upon checkin at the Ryan Visitor Center you receive if pass for your car which is your permit and allows you to park anywhere in the park, which is great cause you can park the car right by yhe visitor centre and be right aby the bus stop, to take Q35 towards Flatbush Av. You ride that bus for about 15 min until the end station, where you have access to all buses deep into Brooklyn or the metro right into Manhattan, and the Bronx. The transfer will be up to an hour at least depending on how far you go.

So yes, you spend a bit of time commuting, but yo save a lot of money. Also, for transit, definitely purchase the 7 day metro pass for 31$, if you will be using it for 2-7 days! Totally worth it, unlimited use of both metro and buses, whilst a regular 10$charged metro card will be empty in a day. And if you have days left because you are leaving earlier, you can work on your karma and give them to new arriving campers! Yay! That’s how we lucky ones got ours :)

So there you go, Imagine 7 nights in NYC for 140$ Accommodation, divided by two makes 70$, plus 30$ transit everywhere, 7 days in NYC for 100 bucks. Woop woop! And you are both in the city and nature. The campsite is like a real recharge from the heavy-hearted city stress, if you don’t mind the airplanes that go in and out from JFK airport. We didn’t find them annoying at all.

So, save money, camp in NYC and get woken up by an orchestra of birds!

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A sweet kiss of PBJ

A sweet kiss of Peanut Butter & Jelly

It’s about time to write again. While I try to put together an email in German for my people, the words just don’t float as easily, I know that it might help me to get it all out in English first. Maybe that’s because I still have a taste peanut butter and jelly in my mouth, or you know, maybe that’s just because it flows in my brain right now. Or a combination of both. Anyhow, I am sitting in a house in North Carolina, USA, built 130 years ago, wood top to bottom, walls and floors filled with messages, Ethel R. who graduated in it when it was a school house in 1926 and left her name behind, visitors that drew crazy clown or rabbit paintings overtop, or left notes they felt like the after-world should gift some thought process. While we are the only ones in the one of two bedrooms, we share this antique with lots of insects, crawling and flying, a mouse that I just saw run underneath the cabinet, noise from the acres of forest we’re surrounded by, lots of frogs and, believe it or not, the neighbor shooting his gun like a maniac, boom-boom-boom, shots just seconds away from each other. It’s far enough away but still so close, because I am simply not used to that. Here, it’s the topic. At the supermarket, at jiffy lube, in the wilderness. Guns and Hunting. We have two dogs that won’t leave our side, they are out here to help me feel less blind while I wake up at 4AM to walk 1 minute through the darkness for a pee, stumbling upon bones of dead animals that they’ve gathered.

DSC_0593_1 (46)

Now to you, this might all sound a little bit ‘spooky’ or like a scary movie, but believe me it’s really so beautiful out here. We were welcomed to the states in a very similar house, our first night, spent with who used to be a stranger, an online friend of a friend of mine. He spontaneously invited us to his farm, where we got to see our first really old American house, heated by fire, and the only sink being the beautiful bathtub in the washroom. There, you wash your dishes, you brush your teeth, you take a shower. Isn’t it funny that that is so odd to us? In a world where we don’t question where the water comes from, how the heck it is hot right the minute we want it to be. This, my friends, is how time flies by, and it is up to us, to make it go a little slower. Basic living is the key, I feel like that is what the States seems to be trying to tell us, which is also kind of ironic, as this is known as the land of excess, the land of possibilities, and big money. Not for us. We get to see the other side. The most natural and yummiest peanut butter jelly time one could have.

With the summer, budgeting comes so much easier. All of the sudden, we are not so dependent on couchsurfing anymore. Which is good, because it seems to work so much slower than in Canada. (Canada woop!). But campsites here are plenty, and beautiful, and mostly around 20$ a night, devided by two, pretty much free. Also, after a month of traveling we did figure out how to sleep in our Subaru comfortably (yep, embarrassing! ), but just on time, as most Walmarts down here allow you to park your car/RV overnight and sleep on their parking lot. Wonderful, the washrooms and food is right there!

Nature has been breathtaking, but especially down here, where the Blue Ridge Mountains/ Appalachians are spread out in 1000 shades of green, wild forest, fading into dark blue and then light blue hillviews in the distant. My eyes are just forever in love and can’t stop looking. A new thing to get my mind wrapped around is being surrounded by snakes. I haven’t seen one yet, just a baby one the other day and a dead copperhead, but just the awareness of them being around adds something to your day. And that is another lesson learned outside of comfort zones: you gotta put yourself right out there, right in the center of your fear, if you want it to decrease.

DSC_0593_1 (90)

Another thing that has become very clear is that my mind prefers the outdoors so much more compared to a city trip. I enjoy living in the city, but as a quick visitor I easily feel lost and drained. The people around you seem tired and oftentimes sad and I inhale their moods right away with all that pollution and it fogs up my brain, often.

But, all that, if you have read my last post, is still picking me up and motivating me to keep traveling, because in the end each journey, the harder the better, has many lessons in its pockets for you. While I sent out a lot of emails crying for help looking for affirmation or criticism on what I am doing, I got lifted up onto a cloud of support. I feel proud of my family, which is like my spine, holding me up from so far away, and the friendships I’ve built, home and away. Each and everyone is a teacher, and if we accept to learn forever, traveling will make us grow continuously.

If you are ever doubting yourself. Look at this formula that one travel friend, probably my biggest treasure, shared with me:

Count yourself as 1, and everything else you have as Zero. (family, friends, memories, things).
Accept that, without you, everything would be just Zeros.
And from that point onwards, you can enrich your life by gathering more and more zeros. Each of them will make your own number grow in  a way you want it to.

Everything begins with self-love and nurturing your own spirituality. Feed your soul with hobbies.

I think that is all for today!

much love and hugs!

Route USA

USA – Road Tripping beyond with Workaway.info

Hey guys,

Greetings from Halifax :) It is charming, and very very rainy here while we sit a lovely place called Humani-T Cafe which has been suggested by our couchsurfing hosts for 2 nights, who replied quickly and we are excited to meet.

2 weeks and a half were enough for me to explore a lot about how I feel about life and traveling, and I talked to Andrew today and we decided to workaway our way through the states! I am so happy about it, because it takes a bit of the selfish part that this way of living simply is, away and opens us up to helping people that need it, more or less, and learn new things.

So here is the release of our second map, roughly, we are going to drive through the states like this. Don’t know why the lines are flying around like this ;). Of course, the route might change, but these are our big points! So far, we are waiting for a reply from NYC Brooklyn, to help a young entrepreneur with his Yoga studio (DREAM COME TRUE!) and we will be spending a day or two with a community in Hudson! Looking for a farm to help in the Blue Mountains of North Carolina afterwards, and then maybe helping on a sailing boat in Florida, living with a family or again, farmwork for 1-2 weeks! That is the plan for MAY, afterwards I am sure we will find a memorable adventure in Louisiana :)

Route USA

Explore the treasures of http://www.workaway.info and start dreaming, helping others and yourself!!!! 


Trans-Canada – Past-Self

I’m writing you from PEI. Prince Edward Island, very very east in Canada, where the St. Laurent meets the Atlantic Ocean. The snow has been mostly washed away the past two weeks, while we were making our way over, to the long awaited island and our most eastern point visited in Canada. I’m writing you with a terrible headache that has been going on all day, and that doesn’t want to get washed away with drugs, but rather written words. I know why it hurts. It’s been so much in 2 weeks, and so many thoughts are crashing in my brain like shooting stars.

When we set off I felt very peaceful. A long month of preparing the departure from Calgary, what became a home, selling things and giving others away, and the endless goodbye dinner’s and drinks. It was exhausting. So even though I couldn’t leave house and friends behind without shedding a few tears, I was still so relieved to finally go. The sun pushed us out strong, always behind our back, giving us the unexpected perfect 15-20 Degrees for the first 10 days of our journey. Finally focusing on my writing and reading, working with Eckhart Tolle’s Teachings of “The Power of Now” which really, everyone should read, I found peace withing the moment, whenever I could hunt down a trespassing thought I would label it ‘future or past’ (thanks Megan) and push it out with the help of the trees, the prairies, my boyfriend, anything present. It worked.


We enjoyed the tiring drive much more than expected, it wasn’t all that boring, watching the landscape change, and really, nothing can ever bore you if you like looking at trees ;). My secret tip! Saskatchewan and Manitoba were very similar, Winnipeg got us with its unique ghetto but arty charm and a 100% vegan burger place (soooo good @Boon Burger Cafe). We kind of started collecting funny facts about cities we visit, and Saskatoon started out with being so incredibly dusty, which we learned is prairie sand that was buried under the snow and turns into a complete mess after the snow melts ;). Winnipeg’s fun fact. Twins everywhere you look. I am not even kidding you. It was utterly confusing. Within a 1 hour walk through the city we probably saw about 4-5 twins!


Our comfort zone was pushed more and more to the edge with reaching Ontario and the present fear of hitting a moose in the dark, being welcomed into Thunder Bay with an amazing light show of dancing lightening. We had to stop next to a petrol station and finish our driving earlier. Better safe than sorry! Our nights sleeping in the car are uncomfortable, as we don’t have enough room to sleep in the back with 2 people, so we just set up both front seats, watch a nice movie together to relax, and then we sleep. Very very thankful for those sleeping bags we invested in.


Thunder Bay and Sleeping Giant were absolutely beautiful, and while we head to Kitchener to relax with our dear friend jeremy’s lovely family, we spend 2 nights couchsurfing and 2 more in the car. Couchsurfing has always been extremely different and extremely interesting. You get the real feel for the town you are visiting, that is for sure. Thunder Bay apparently is pretty big in the rap-scene!


Kitchener Waterloo, and its surroundings like Guelph and Elora are simply beautiful. Every European that has lived outside of his continent for a moment will dig it. It struck us with history and beautifully charming old buildings, even more than Quebec and Quebec city itself. You just want to run around picking flowers and singing french songs! Toronto welcomed us with a heat wave in mid-april, it was a Friday night, we dipped our feet in the soft beach of Toronto Island and pub crawled our way through day and night. It was absolutely fantastically unforgettable. Everybody was out, the city was buzzing with life. I bought a jacket for 1 dollar in Kensington. The day after, we were taken away by surprising 2 degrees and blowing winds.

Ever since then, the weather is pushing us further away from comfort, drizzling rainy day blues on me. I keep losing myself into past sadness and future anxiousness, both positive and sad. Thinking more and more about what I want to do, and be. New studies I might take on. What I want the essence of my life to be. And how to integrate the current relationship with a wonderful person into a new life idea? Thinking about the kitchen I want to experiment in, the living room I want to play in. And searching for a sense of this journey. Feeling like this kind of traveling is selfish. Being so tired of telling different people every single day about this trip, about my life story. I just want to say ‘It doesn’t matter, I am here NOW!‘ but that wouldn’t be polite.  Going back to my resolved ‘Travel Debate‘ post, seeking for help. It’s not like I haven’t had similar thoughts before. But do I really need to be dragged down by them so far? After a moment for myself, today, I held my aching head in my hands and said ‘No!’. I’ve already found out much about what I want to do with my life, and I probably would never have if not through this journey and ‘discomfort’.


So I keep on going. In a few days, we will be in the States. And maybe in a few months, we will be enlightened by South-American Culture.

We’ve already been cooking, creating and collecting many wonderful, simple recipes for Vegabonding and cannot wait to release them!

Talk to you soon,


Support a beautiful (inside-out) lady hunting her superdream!

Hey everyone, did you know that models often work unpaid?? If you are a passionate photographer or model yourself, or just support the superdream-hunting idea, please support my dear friend Eloise with a few bucks and get good karma points ;). She risked her daytime job for an opportunity working on her model career in New York City for a few days.


Thank you so much!


Herbal Tea Thin Green Smoothie

Mhhhhhh yes, finally I found a green smoothie that I just pounded back with joy instead of pinching my nose and squeezing my eyes ;-). This was delicious! So it’s going right on here to share with you.

I am not particularly a big fan of smoothie consistency, the thick drink kinda thing. So I made this one really liquidy, feel free to use less liquid if you like the creaminess.

2 cups of spinach
1 cup of frozen mixed fruit
Covered in your favorite herbal tea blend (mine was ginger & raspberry leaf today)
2 tsp Chia Seed
1/4 tsp Spirulina Powder
A small handful of fresh mint leaves mhhhhh <3
A few drops of Stevia (Agave would work)

Blend for 2-3 min on high and start your day right !



Vegan Chocolate Spice Cake with Fruit

This cake has all you want from a good cake, and a teeny tiny bit more, that tiny bit might be unexpected, for most of you, and it will make you travel and eat slowly, because you will want to know what the heck these spices are that positively surprise your tongue. Well, it is a spice cake! It is of European heritage. My German Grandma used to make one, it was fairly dry but that is how we like some cakes, it had no fancy icing but I loved it, it was to die for. So for sure this reminds me of her, even though this one is incredibly moist, and has the added fruit and nuts if desired, which gives it an extra kick. I haven’t been posting anything for long, but today would have been her birthday if she was still alive, so this is to you Oma!


Chocolate Spice Cake

Mix Dry Ingredients:
2 cups All Purpose or Spelt Flour
2 teaspoon Baking Powder
1 teaspoon ground Cardamom
2 teaspoons Cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon Nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon Garam Masala if available.
1 teaspoon salt

Mix Wet Ingredients with a Hand Mixer:
1 cup of hot water
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1 3/4 cups of raw or coconut sugar .. or any sugar of your preference.
1 cup Sunflower Oil
2 Flax Seed Eggs OR Egg Replacer which is a mixture of starches
1 tablespoon Vanilla Powder

Combine carefully until deliciously united. Add in a handful of chopped pear or raspberries. Both are great. If you like a little crunch, add in some chopped nuts as well!

Pour in a bundt-cake form and bake on 350F/180C for up to 50 min, check with a toothpick and switch off the oven when it comes out clean. Let it cool down entirely before you remove it from the form.

Healthy Pink Icing
Melt 2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil
Stir in 1 tablespoon of Nut Butter
Add Beet Root Juice until desired color, texture should be thick. Poor over your cake in desired pattern and refridgerate for Icing to settle.

Enjoy :)

Drink yourself healthy with tea!

Tea, especially when herbal or put together with ‘real food ingredients’ by yourself, has incredible powers for you, your mind, your body. I would like to pass along a few of my favorite herbal remedies to you.

All around feel good and digestion: Cumin seeds, Lemongrass (Add Cinnamon sticks if you want it sweeter) !

Stomach ease and calming mind: Thyme

Winter cold: Whole Black Pepper, Cloves, Cinnamon Sticks, Ginger pieces !

Feel Good Hot Chocotea: Steep dried Chaga for 10 minutes. Blend with coconut oil and cocoa. Dive in.

That’s it! I am filling up on some more ‘winter cold’ tea cause I got a pretty nasty one right now ;) !

Take care out there, drink tea, always.

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Homemade Veggie Bread


Bread doesn’t have to be a complicated mystery… work intense sourdough’s make the digestion of gluten easier and, to be frank, taste terrific, but if you just want to step away from store bought 100ingredient bread, here is a super easy, healthy recipe for you!

Originally posted on super-dreams:

Heyyy there baking friends!

You love to bake bread don’t you? Baking bread is still something that seems so far away for many people, something out of their reach when it is really absolutely not! Baking bread is actually one of the easiest baked goods, if you ask me. Here comes another recipe right at you, so easy and delicious (unless you use fava bean flour by accident haha).

Here you go, here comes the recipe! You can vary with the flour, whilst I only made it with wheat flour, a friend of mine used delicious ‘Dinkel Mehl’. I don’t know about this flour in North America, but if you’re in Germany I would advise you to use Dinkelmehl. And yeah, feel free to change the veggie part and add as many nuuuuts as you can. Go nuts and tell me all about it :)

Have fun and Bon Appétit!

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Fruit Pie Summer

It is August guys, and it is berry time! Which is why here in Canada no one leaves for camping without bear spray, whistles, bells and myself, PIE! Yes, not only the bears are picking, I am too, as I am so blessed with raspberry bushes all around my garden. I recently found out that the pie shop here in Calgary that I worked for quite a while already actually makes their fruit pies Vegan. Not intentionally, but yeah, using Veg. shortening instead of butter and no eggs (as they are not needed..) there you go! After eating my favorite slice of Apple Pie I knew I wanted to figure out a recipe at home. A whole wheat one! 

I went through my favorite recipe book right now called ‘Home Made Summer’ which I received as a Christmas Gift from a dear friend. Most recipes in there aren’t vegan or even vegetarian, but that’s the fun (at least my fun) of living vegan. Challenges! Veganizing! Witching!



I also learned about how to create a vegan nice fruit pie ‘Jelly’ with the help of my Vegan Mentor (hi Andrew!). Agar agar, derived from a southeast asian seaweed is the vegetarian brother of gelatin! tada! You can get it at your local health store. It sets super firmly even without the need of refrigerating and has NO taste! It is plant-based and even has a few health benefits, making you feel full for a while after eating (slimming pie oh shit!) and is a natural digestive aid.

I made two different pies, one with raspberries & blueberries and one strawberry-coconut-cream pie. I baked the pie crust on its own, sprinkled with some almonds helps the dough baking properly, but I would remove them afterwards as I didn’t really enjoy the crunch. Then you can go ahead, layer your favorite fruit, prepare your agar (boil a delicious red fruit tea with some brown sugar, mix agar with warm water in a cup until you get a very gooey mixture, whisk into your colored tea) and brush your fruit layer with as much agar as you fancy.



3 cups of Whole Wheat Flour
1/4 Cup of Spelt Flour (You can easily adapt this to your desire. Only WW or Unbleached Flour will work)
1 Tsp of baking powder
A pinch of Salt
1/2 Cup of Coconut or Brown Sugar
9 Tbsp or 125g of Coconut Oil
1/3 Cup of non-dairy milk (I used Almond as I make it at home)
2 Tbsp. of pre-mixed gooey Flaxseed & Water.

Knead with your hands until you have a nice feel, consistency and texture. This will be enough for 2 large pies, or a covered pie (bake with the fruit and cover up entirely). Shape dough in one or two balls and wrap in foil, let sit in fridge for about an hour. Preheat the oven to 375°F and roll out the dough, bake for about 25minutes.


Healthy Healing Popsicle

ALL credit goes to ‘healthy hormone healing‘ and lovely Carly from culinarykarma for sharing it. I made this lemonade and had bought this popsicle kit a while beforehand. Because of the beautiful color of that lemonade, I just decided to make healthy healing popsicles! And they worked out just fabulous. Follow these links for recipes:




:) Enjoy!


Vegan Protein Layer Salad

Layer Salads became popular, and I remember especially one making its way over to Germany and being present at all bbq parties ever since.

The Tex-Mex Layer Salad! Yum, for sure, but health benefits? meeeeh. It is most of the time nachos, lettuce, beans/corn, guacamole, sour cream, sometimes even ground meat.

Look at this beauty! It’s all Vegan AND gluten free AND full of protein! yeha! what do you mean, protein without meat? yeha! It contains a total of 7 layers, all of which are healthy, most of them considered superfoods and are packed with protein.



Check it out, cook it / whip it up, layer it and bring it to your next bbq party cause iiiit is summer baby!

  1. Quinoa
    (Simmer 1c of Quinoa. Mix 1tbsp coconut oil w/ 1tbsp turmeric powder and some cayenne. Mix with your Quinoa when done! Let cool down, layer the base of your salad. Sprinkle with Lime Juice)
  2. Spinach
    (Simply wash and slice. Sprinkle with Apple Cider Vinegar).
  3. Tomato & Cucumber
    (Thinly sliced. Layer. Just that)
  4. Avocado
    [+I had red bell pepper salad with oil, garlic & onions from the farmers market. Super delicious. If you don’t want to make these, just keep layering Avocado. ]
  5. Peanuts, Pumpkin Seeds
  6. Lettuce 
  7. Hummus 
    (1c Chickpeas, 2 Tbsp.Tahini, Lime Juice, 2 Garlic cloves, Lots of Dill, 1 Avocado)Decor: Olives, Radishes, Dill & Parsley 


Enjoy everyone!!!!!



Vegan Creamy Spaghetti with a Sting

What do you think about when hearing ‘stinging nettle’ ?

‘Ouch’ ?

Yes, in your childhood these weeds might have been nothing but in your way, but now, now that you’re all grown up, you can actually reverse their sting! For your own good!

Get out there, walk through the woods, get some grounding and pick as many nettles as you can. Because there is sooo much you can do with them.

First of all..

  • tea, always and always…
  • pesto (even raw!)
  • or sautéed replacing spinach!
  • or, as used in the following recipe, in Pasta 


Why would I?

“Contrary to popular opinion, the common nettle is more than a pesky, stinging weed. It has — since ancient times — been an important source of food, fiber, and pharmaceuticals. […] For over 2,000 years, doctors have recognized the herb’s ability to stop all kinds of internal and external bleeding, and considered it a good blood purifier. Taken as a tea, it has been found to help cure mucus congestion, skin irritations, water retention, and diarrhea. The beverage is also said to help nursing mothers produce milk and it also stimulate the digestive glands of the stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, and gall bladder. Applied externally, nettle tea — it is claimed — relieves rheumatism in both people and animals, makes a first-class gargle for mouth and throat infections,  helps to clear up acne and eczema and promotes the healing of burns.”

* Read more: http://www.motherearthnews.com/natural-health/stinging-nettle-benefits-zmaz81mazkin.aspx#ixzz37hTDyiCR

So yeah, it is pretty awesome stuff! and it tastes even better than spinach simply sautéed with garlic.

Here is my ‘Creamy Spaghetti with a Sting’ Recipe for you :) 

Fry Stinging Nettle leaves with garlic in Coconut Oil or Olive Oil until soft

Meanwhile, bring your eggless Spaghetti or Pasta of choice to a boil OR Spirale a Zucchini if you wanna skip the Gluten!

Prepare the sauce in your food processor/blender:

Mix together:

  • Sesame tahini
  • Your choice of (dairy-free) milk
  • A scoop of Nutritional Yeast
  • A scoop of Vegan Cream Cheese from your local health store OR homemade Cashew Cheese
  • Flavor with Salt, Pepper & Green dried Herbs of your choice (Oregano, Herbs de Provence..)

Whip it up!

Mix with your choice of (z)noooodles.  I used both Spaghetti & Spiraled Zucchini :)

OH AND GUYS. For your raw Pasta I can only suggest this one, perfect, greatly grating instrument called the ‘Veggetti’- You can get it at Walgreens if you live in the states. Just found this sweet ad for you haha. Now I had a laugh and I also know how to pronounce the Veggetti properly and less sexually sounding ;-). No, but seriously guys, this tool is from heaven, or as a friend said ‘It works grate’.





Finest Blissful Cream of Mushroom

This Vegan ‘Cream of Mushroom’ Creation will make little wings pop out of your sides and carry you right to heaven!

I am on my take#2 of cleansing before summer rises to its peak. My first cleanse during my transition into Veganism took place beginning of May, with a full 4 weeks of avoiding alcohol, caffeine, with a peak of 10 days all-raw. This time, I am focusing on all-liquid (for at least 3-5 days and then moving slowly into one easily digestible meal) Candida & Colon Cleanse. As a real food lover, it is quite the challenge for me and I just need to create one delicious soup per day to feel saturated.

Well, I just wanted to finish that bag of mushrooms in my fridge and I’ve been serving Cream of Mushroom at the restaurant lately, so I thought I would create a creamy, healthy, cleansing variation myself. As a Candida & Colon Cleanse asks you to avoid Sugars (ALL kinds!) and Carbs, I need to get some plant-derived, healthy fats into my body to stay strong and energized, so I used coconut milk for this soup. To add in unbeatable flavors, I used Capers, Jalapenos & Sundried Tomatoes. These three are a killer-combo in my eyes and such fine foods. I used brewed Chaga Tea as a liquid base to get the magic & superfood in. You can find Chaga as dried mushroom pieces in your local health food store.

Here we go, liquid nutrition for a happy & healthy body:


  • Sautée with care: 
  • 1 tsp. Coconut Oil
  • 1 scallion
  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed
  • A whole  lotta mushrooooms
  • 2 stalks of Celery 
  • Dried Chili / Flakes
  • Black Pepper
  • – to the Blender:
  • 1 tsp. capers
  • a few Jalapenos 
  • 3-4 sundried tomatoes
  • 1 cup Coconut Milk
  • — simmer shortly: 
  • 1/2 cup Chaga Tea

Sautée everything in the first paragraph slightly. Start boiling 2 cups of water for your Chaga Tea and let it brew for 10 minutes. Don’t cook the hell out of those beautiful ingredients, just let them soak up the garlic & scallion flavors. Add capers, jalapenos & s-dried tomatoes to the blender first, then add everything from the pan. Add a cup to 1 1/2 cups of coconut milk, purée it up. Hello holy deliciousness.

Pour 1 cup or 1 1/2 cups of your Chaga Tea in a mug, this will be your drink. Add the very creamy Mushroom Soup to the Tea leftovers and stir well. Let it simmer up for just about 2 minutes.

I garnished it here with some parsley, dried basil leaves and a few drops of hot pepper sauce. 

And I am so happy. And full. Good night! 

PS: More information on Cleansing will be coming up in my large blogpost about ‘How to return to your natural & wild self’ 



Berricot Powerbars

Is there anything better than eating healthy, nutritional, raw, cruelty free food that tastes like candy ? No, there isn’t! Good, I’m glad we agree on that, here is a new recipe for you :) These Berricot ZUPAballs/bars are powerballs made from superfoods. They will satisfy your cravings for something sweet, without any sugars added, they are gluten free and they will give you energy, nourish you and you get some protein in as well.


To make these delicious bites that will get you out of bed in the morning waiting in the fridge, all you need is: 

  • a few pecans or other nuts your choice (soaked, please)
  • flax seed
  • chia
  • pumpkin & sunflower seeds
  • coconut flakes
  • hemp seeds or hemp protein powder
  • cocoa powder

Pulse these ingredients in a food processor. I didn’t measure anything, I just let it flow, ya know, go with your feeling, I just used about a handful of nuts, and half a handful of everything else ;) After you pulse these dry ingredients you add the following magic for thickness and to glue your superpowers together

  • a good handful of dried apricots. maybe two. your call ;) also you can use / mix with dates or figs!
  • a handful of blueberries
  • a good tablespoon coconut oil

Pulse some more!

You can add some whole seeds afterwards, mix it up, shape as desired, keep refrigerated and snack away!

Much love,


PS: these were highly inspired by my friend Mikala & This Rawsome Vegan Life.




Manhattan Piss OR New Yorkia


new york, new york,

you stinky, kinky burning hell,

you’re aching it’s making me feel oh so swell.

filthy mattresses and black gangster rap caresses

the bronx until it reaches bonx-‘de-‘ville, just over the hill,

where the light-white heavy-rich pitch a line of

‘have a great day!’ out of their cabriolet [-lay],

and norah jones moans ‘back to manhattan’ out of the radiO.

while you run a lunch at the ‘bistrO’.

Back to manhattan it is, the piss [midtown]

its smell almost well about to crawl back up your nasal,

but unimportant as glamour is potent

it comes in skin & bones and elegant robes,

called Maryliz & Hazal.

Free Love from above

the Empire State Building screams, beams in rainbow colored lighting

it is pride parade, Chealsea the sharade,

dancing to the music of life, thrive

alley to alley the nirvana of today,

but the bridge is just a hitch


Leaving downtown with a frown

grasp a breathe from Brooklyn the skyline under your chin,

jews & youngsters, he’s & she’s with fleas hosting markets

giving away their goods with holes as wholes,

for at least a bill, a dollar bill,

true NYC sweat, if only you let.

New York, New York, you are a zoo, boohoo!

A cage of sinners with wings to fly so high.


Now you do think I hate this place

as I write it in a haze,

let me tell you, just you

that it is so untrue,

as I shed a tear at LaGuardia

wishing I could still be one of those

New Yorkia.

illustration: SERIES ‘Unnaturally‘ click to see whole series.

copyright kristinzimmer, all rights reserved.

Vegan Baking 101

‘No thanks, I don’t eat meat.’

– ‘Oh, you’re a vegetarian?’

‘Actually, vegan.’

– ‘Wow. What do you eat???’


Yeah, to all the readers, that is quite likely what you might ask or have been asked. Vegan. So. No animal products? Fuck, really? Let me think about that! That means no eggs! And no cheese! And no butter! How do you exist?  Actually, better than ever. And – what do you eat?

– Everything I ate before, I just make it. Just…better ! 

Here we go guys, this is VEGAN BAKING 101 :)

Educating myself about a plant-based nutrition & life style, not only did I learn about how to replace eggs ( which seems oh-so-difficult) and the endless opportunities to do so, no, I also learned all about replacing oils, refined sugars etc. etc. etc. Generally speaking, if you’re not a complete stranger in the kitchen, a vegan, plant based lifestyle will automatically transform your food into something healthier. So what I would like to start out with here is some links & promo to blogs that shaped my path into Veganism and rocking Vegan baking.

  • blog.fatfreevegan.com.
  • OhSheGlows
  • Forks&Beans (Probably the most awesome, graphic summary of egg substitution)
  • The Rawtarian
  • This Rawsome Vegan Life

Basically replacing the egg is so much easier than you would think. To start with a few well known ingredients that might just be sitting on your shelf / fridge anyways, you can use bananas (yep, that simple), tofu, or apple sauce. All these work out well as binders, but after practicing and trying out a lot of things, I myself like flax seed the best. Bananas & tofu can give baked goodies like cookies a strange consistence and strong flavor, while apple sauce can turn out making it very heavy. Apple sauce btw. works great as an oil replacer. Banana bread for example is the easiest thing to make Vegan, as it is packed with mashed, ripe bananas the eggs are kind of a total waste in there. Click here for a delicious Vegan Pecan-Crust Banana Bread.

Flax Seed ( about a tablespoon mixed with 3 tbsp of water) ends up having the exact same texture as an egg and therefore binds just as well. On top of that, it is a unique nutrient packed with omega3’s and fiber. Read more about it on whfoods.com.

I got this little egg-tray at dollarama just because I am silly and I like to take my Vegan Eggs out of it for baking, but really any containers work well for you. I would prepare a big mixture of flax seed and water and fill it into containers that give you the replacement for one egg. Sitting in the fridge, the flax seed & water mixture will form into the perfect, gooey vegan egg! 


I do not miss butter at all so far, and I even just used a recipe by Jamie Oliver for ‘Lemon Butter Cookies‘ and replaced everything, and they are the best cookies ever! Earth Balance does do a great butter replacer I’ve heard, and I might soon give it a try for a new cookie creation.

If you’re not only moving to a vegan diet but try to include a lot of raw meals into your ordinary life, maybe go on a raw cleanse every now and then (blog post about that coming up soon…) you will extent your food knowledge to a whole different level. You can make Raw Vegan Cakes that look like this:

Basically, moving to a plant-based diet will blow your mind. You will keep learning & feeling every day and if you love the kitchen, you will love the challenge, and mastering it.

Here are just a few more pictures of the Vegan goodies I’ve been baking. Please feel free to ask if you have any other question!!!!